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The most comfortable wind tunnel for athletes in Russia

Are you a skydiver, bodyflyer or just want to reasonably save on training? May be, you always wanted to visit Russia?

All you need is on this page. If no, write in the chat in the right corner — we speak English!

Upgrade your flying skill!
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The Aerodynamics center is:

Aerodynamic tunnel with a diameter of 2.5 meters, speed 300 km/h (185 mph), ideal for beginners and advanced flyers?
We can offer a hotel, restaurant and comfortable changing rooms.⚡⚡⚡
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For example - offer

(valid for one or two persons)

Day flights

+ 10 hours flight time
+ 10 hours of coaching
+ 1 hour of flight time (without coaching) as a gift ?
+accommodation and meals for 7 days

Just $ 3 300 ???

Night flights

+10 hours flight time
+Coaching 10 hours
+ 1 hour flight time (without coaching) as a gift ?
+Accommodation and meals for 7 days

Only $ 2 990!???

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Train with the best!

  • The current, two-time Russian champion in skydiving in the discipline of freestyle. Fourfold Russian record holder in parachuting. European record holder in the class of large formations in FreeFly. Multiple winner of jump and wind tunnel competitions in the disciplines of VFS 4-way, VFS 2-way.

    Alexander Subbotin
  • The master of sports of Russia - more than 5500 jumps, the participant of many world records. Skydive coach. Wind tunnel coach since 2001.

    Andrey Zelenov
  • Graduate RSUFKSiT Department of Applied and Extreme Sports. CSM in the disciplines VFS 4-Way, VFS 2-Way, bronze medalist of the Czech Republic in parachuting in the discipline VFS 4-Way, silver medalist of the Moscow championship in parachuting in the disciplines of Freestyle and Freefly. Aerial video operator. USPA Coach Rating.

    Kirill Khokhlov
  • Coach from 2016, professional rock climber

    Petr Zanegin
  • “We don’t need a rocket for the flight!” Is the motto of our instructor Anton Gusenkov. Well, already at a conscious age, at the age of 14 began the professional conquest of the sky. Since then, in-flight mastery of the body improves every day! So in the ``Aerodynamics-2`` won a prize in our championship in the winter. In addition, Anton enjoys motorcycling, mountain biking, grappling and underwater hunting! In life - a positive optimist. This is the secret of his victories and achievements.

    Anton Gusenkov
  • Winner of the Russian Championship 2 way VFS. He has more than a thousand jumps. Valera from the city of Miass, where he began his first flights in the local wind tunnel. An excellent coach, can find the approach to any student - novice or athlete.

    Valery Sereda
  • What do you know about Mother Russia? Yes, this is his video job.

    Valery Boluchevsky
  • As a child, Andrei dreamed of becoming a test pilot. Now he is testing the flow! Andrei dances beautifully, bringing the art of dance to the tube. The most creative person in the team.

    Andrey Byzov
If your want to train more

Buy an extra tunnel time!

From 11 000 ₽ per hour.

How to get to the wind tunnel

1. by public transport

2. by Yandex taxi

3. on the free chatelet from metro Rumyantsevo

Schedule of departure of the shuttle from m. Rumyantsevo
7:10 8:00 9:00 10:30 11:30 12:30 14:30 16:30 18:30 20:30
Travel time is usually 10-15 minutes, but may vary with the traffic situation.
bus_dynThis is how it looks like

Wind tunnel for bodyflyers and flights — всё для организации мероприятий!