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Preparation for AFF in Moscow wind tunnel

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Want to learn how to skydive?

AFF is an accelerated parachute jump training program. One of the main pillars of this program is security. One of the best and proven methods of preparation – Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). Its main difference is that after a quick and intensive immersion into theory and working out safety skills on earth, the parachutist immediately begins independent jumps, the height of the aircraft leaving Moscow in aeroclubs usually is 4000 m, and the time in free fall is about 60 seconds. Jumps are performed, accompanied by first two instructors, then only one.

It is assumed that the entire course is completed in 7-12 jumps. If it is not possible to complete the jump program in full, the instructor will send you to “re-jump”. Believe me, this is for your safety.

But security, as often happens, can lead to additional costs. You can calculate how much more expensive the course will cost, if you can not pass it the first time. That is why, preparation for AFF in the aerotube is a popular and effective method of adaptation to the air flow.

Wind tunnel – a great way to quickly adapt to the air flow and the ability to make the number of jumps minimal!

You can even better prepare for independent jumps in the air with the help of aerotube training! Moreover, this can be done on weekdays in Moscow.

In our wind tunnel pass courses ``Preparing for AFF``

In a programme:

Theoretical training (basics of safe movement and run-up in the air, body aerodynamics).
The practical part: a flight in an aerotube lasting 15 minutes with an instructor for practicing the skills of the program.
Further training at the sports fare with all the bonuses.
Cost of participation in the preparation program for AFF 4 500 ₽ (less, than one AFF jump).
Classes are conducted by experienced instructors. Place an order and assign a convenient workout time.

аэротруба в москве

Подготовка к AFF

  • Аэротруба - 15 минут
  • Работа с инструктором

Стоимость - 4 500 руб.

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Short and positive video, about the preparation for the AFF

Have questions? Call - we speak English!
Practice with comfort!

Looking for a base for tube training? We probably have the most comfortable aerotube for athletes in Moscow.
There are separate locker rooms with lockers for personal items.
Comfortable, modern showers to clean up after a workout.
Own cafe and restaurant.
Afternoon from the metro is easy to reach on Chatelet 47 km. Free, for 10-15 minutes.
Projection image of the flight on the wall in real time.
Additional monitor with delayed broadcast for parsing between sets.