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Dynamic Entertainment Center in Moscow!

Aerotube and amusement park: Laser and Nerf shooting galleries, flight simulators, virtual reality and Formula 1.

Wind tunnel

Wind tunnel is a safe simulator of  free fall. The ascending current blows at a speed of up to 300 km / h, which will allow you to easily tear yourself away from the surface and take off. Special skills are not required – during the entire flight near you our reliable instructors. You will experience an incredible, incomparable feeling of a real flight! Price till 20 EURO

Flight simulator

Attraction «Fly-motion”  allows you to feel yourself the main pilot of a ground-attack aircraft from the times of the Second World War or modern aircraft, to experience the difficulties of acceleration, climbing and landing: conveys the sensations of aerobatics stunts (“barrel”, “roll”, “dead loop”, etc.) The cabin is connected to a modern 3D screen, which ensures maximum realism of flight. The movement of the cabin and the actions taking place on the screen provide the “pilot” with the illusion of a full “flight”.

Virtual flight on Cessna plane

The simulator is suitable for anyone who wants and loves to fly. Here, everyone, even the youngest guest can feel like a real pilot at the helm of a real aircraft, immerse yourself in the full illusion of flight, thanks to modern technologies.
Virtual piloting will allow you to go through all the main stages – from takeoff to landing without risk to health.

F-1 Race simulator

Feel yourself a pilot of the “Formula-1” or rally race track! The attraction-auto simulator will change your idea about interactive races: XD-Motion can be used to organize network competitions with real rivals (in the center there are two simulators). Equipped with a licensed game: “rFactor”. At your choice given a few racing cars and tracks with different levels of complexity. High-quality image of 3D format. Noises, bends when bending, “tipping” forward with a sharp braking, pulling at start – thanks to a high center of rotation.

Virtual reality

Expand the limits of the possible – plunge into the world of virtual reality! HTC Vive is one of the most innovative virtual reality helmets on the market. A viewing angle of 110 °, a resolution of 2K screens and a refresh rate of 90 Hz give a very smooth, exciting and natural picture when you move your eyes. It has two hand controllers that allow you to transfer hand movements into virtual space. We have a huge selection of different games that will satisfy the most different levels and preferences!

Interactive shooting range

The laser (interactive) shooting gallery is a great alternative to traditional shooting exercises. Shooting in the dash is quite simple, even without skills. The goal is interactive, this image on the screen is the whole action, an adventure. You are involved in chases, shootouts, secret operations – like in a cool action movie! The attraction uses models of military weapons as close as possible in appearance and weight.


Nörf is a sports team game using blasters of the same name.
Scenarios can be any, but to win you always need to be faster, more accurate and smarter than your opponent. Tournaments and open nerf battles with the use of the same-name blasters have long been held around the world. Finally, you can play in Moscow!
It’s safe – Nerf blasters shoot special foam rubber arrows with rubber tips. At the entrance to the site all players are given goggles, and the game is monitored by experienced judges.
Great fun for children and adults!

Auto football

The most unusual football match is about to begin. There will be a fight for the ball on radio-controlled cars.
You can take part in the game and show the real skill of the scorer. There are two players in your team. If necessary, your partner will insure you: discard the ball from opponents, will not allow you to get to the gate.
Catch the initiative when the appropriate case, lead to the gate, ahead of enemy machines, roll the ball into the goal. Become a champion!

Cost – 2000 rubles (4 players, 10 minutes).

'Special agent' laser quest

Do you remember how the hero of films has to overcome various traps and laser signaling during a special operation? After the start, the timer of the bomb is activated, which can only be deactivated with a special key. So, this very key is hidden in the depths of the laser maze. It is necessary to quickly get inside, find the key, go back and stop the timer. At the same time to touch the laser beams can not be. The complexity of the laser maze can be easily changed. Thanks to this feature, not only adults, but also children can participate in the competition for speed and agility.

Dynamic Entertainment Center Aerodynamika

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