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Who can fly in a wind tunnel, are there any restrictions?

Almost everyone can fly in a wind tunnel – adults and children from 4 years old. Children under 18 years of age may fly only with the written consent of the parent (guardian). Weight limits – up to 120 kg.

Are there any contraindications for flight?

Contraindications to flight: pregnancy, restrictions on physical exertion, spinal injuries, diseases of the nervous system, dislocation of the shoulder, brain injury, acute cardiac diseases, use of alcoholic and narcotic substances in the last 24 hours.

How many people can fly in the tube at the same time?

Novice athletes and amateurs fly one by one. They are together with the instructor in the preflight zone and in the tunnel.

Is it possible to split the flight for two or more people?

Yes, you can divide the flight in the wind tunnel for two or more participants. You can share other attractions too. Consider only that each of you should have enough time – to taste pleasure. Therefore, the minimum intervals – do not divide.

How to choose the optimal time for the first flight in the wind tunnel?

The optimal duration of the first flight is 4-10 minutes. During this period of time you will not get tired and there will be enough time to learn how to control your body in the air.

Is first flight safe?

Flying in a wind tunnel is associated with certain risks, but during the whole time you are monitored by an experienced instructor and operator, who is at the controls. Beginners fly at low speed, which allows, when an emergency situation occurs, to smoothly stop the engines and stop flying.

How to dress for the first flight?

For the flight, clients of the wind tunnel receive special equipment (overalls, helmet). The jumpsuit is worn over your clothes, so it should not be holding down the movement and be too voluminous: long-sleeved T-shirt (for the cold season; short-sleeved T-shirt or T-shirt (summer); sweatpants or skinny jeans; athletic shoes or lace-up shoes .

What are the fundamentals of safety in an aerotube?

When making a flight session in a wind tunnel, it is necessary to follow all instructions of the wind tunnel coach. Before the flight, you must remove yourself jewelry (chains, bracelets, watches, earrings, etc.). It is forbidden to take mobile phones and personal items (bags, outerwear) with you into the pre-flight zone. It is forbidden to exert a force on the structural elements of the tunnel (doors, access systems).

How long before the indicated flight time you need to arrive at the center?

It is necessary to arrive at least a half of an hour before, so that there is time for detailed instruction, selection of equipment and filling in the necessary documents.

What is the size of the wind tunnel and air flow rate in Aerodynamics?

In Aerodynamics there is the most modern installation of the Tornado system, with a diameter of 2.5 meters, with a height of the flight zone of 8 meters. This is more than enough for the flight of 99% of adults. The air flow rate of up to 300 km/h allows sporting events to be conducted on flights of up to 2 adults, and sometimes it is possible to train four of them.
In addition, the most modern electric engines produce extremely little noise, and the “glass” of whole glass — as transparent as possible — results in the highest quality photos.